Win: Lush’s Valentine’s Day Limited Edition Collection


It’s your lucky day…

Today is officially Valentine’s Day, and to celebrate I want to gift one lucky Lush lover this limited edition collection.

As said by the Lush team themselves, Valentine’s Day is the best time to get naked – which is why you’ll be pleased to know that almost the entire V Day collection is packaging free.

This particular gift box is called ‘Lots of Love’ and is one of many that are available to purchase this Valentine’s Day.


Before I delve into what’s inside the box, just look how cute that red lipped ‘Kiss Me Quick’ Wash Card on the top of the package!


This indulgent ‘Lots of Love’ gift box contains a total of nine Lushie products that will be sure to surprise any lucky lover on Valentine’s Day.

Check out a bit more on what’s inside below.


1. Sex Bomb (Bath Bomb)

Sex Bomb is a must-have for any romantic bath – it contains all of nature’s most potent and seductive ingredients to get you in the mood for a romantic soak this Valentine’s Day.
Scintillating jasmine, clary sage and ylang ylang are powerful aphrodisiacs, and soy milk softens up your entire body. Indulge in a little luxury with one of our best-selling bath bombs and you’ll be ready for anything.


2. Tunnel of Love (Soap)

Take a trip through the tunnel of love and embark on a journey that you will not forget! Grab a slice of this bright citrus soap and reveal your heart to your special someone. Soothing rose water keeps you calm and collected as kaolin gently cleanses. Don’t let the stony exterior fool you, inside it’s a real softie.

Zesty lime and sweet wild orange oils lift moods while soothing olibanum leaves a lasting impression. So grab someone special this Valentine’s day and invite them to lather up!


3. Rub Rub Rub Shower Scrub

This is actually one of my fave Lush products of all time.

Halfway between a scrub and a shower gel, this delicately scented wash gives you the best of both worlds! The fine sea salt gently exfoliates and leaves you smooth as can be, while fresh lemon juice and lemon oil work to brighten the skin.

The soft floral scent of mimosa, jasmine and orange flower will keep you coming back for more, but it’s subtle enough that it won’t compete with whatever perfume you choose to wear.


4. Rose Bombshell (Bath Bomb)

Love is blind, which is a shame because this bombshell with a floral triplet of yellow rose petals, rose absolute and rose oil is an enthralling spectacle to watch. As it fizzes, the outer shell breaks away and magnificent petals burst out in a sweet haze of Sicilian lemon and
floral geranium oils.


5. Tender Is The Night (Naked Shower Cream)

Looking for that lovestruck glow? Fall head over heels for this sultry shower cream. Grab the one you love the most, bare all and dare to go naked this Valentine’s Day! Ditching the plastic has never felt so good. Allow yourself to be seduced by jasmine flower infusion and heady ylang ylang, whilst your skin is softened by sensationally rich murumuru and Fair Trade shea butters…

Remember, sharing showers saves water, so you can afford to take your time and give each other a good once over while you’re in there!


6. Heart Of Enlightened Expectation (Bubble Bar Melt)

Don’t go breakin’ my heart, crumble and melt it instead. With bergamot oil to brighten moods, treat someone special (or yourself) to something extra special. Whether you’re expecting a proposal, a romantic evening or even just some peace and quiet, start it off with a hot bubble bath that softens skin with Fair Trade organic cocoa butter.

Heady geranium, jasmine and rose create a floral fantasy in the bath that soothes and calms. Ylang ylang makes moods shine like gold, allowing you to step out with confidence and skin like silk.


7. Creamy Candy (Bubble Bar)

How insanely cute is that little blue flower? I can’t even deal.

If you’d normally reach for a sweet treat to lift your mood, then this bubble bar is perfect for you. Its sweet candy floss smell raises your energy levels and perks you up. It also offers moew moisturisation than the average bubble bar as it has a blend of almond and cocoa butter. Creamy Candy contains almond oil and butter chunks that melt into the water, giving skin a velvety texture.


8. Unicorn Horn (Bubble Bar)

Unicorns are probably real. But, even if they’re not (don’t worry they definitely are) you won’t mind! Relaxing lavender oil meets mood- brightening neroli in this lustre-filled bar. Neroli oil increases serotonin levels in the brain which makes us feel contented and cheery, so you can ponder the existence of magical creatures while building a fairytale landscape of feel-good, fragrant bubbles.


9. Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner

I fell in love with body conditioners years ago, but Lush have been ahead of the game for much longer than that. Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner is chock-a-block with delicious butters and oils to leave your skin looking plumped up, gorgeous, and smelling of roses.

Nourishing argan oil is thought to have anti-ageing properties as it’s rich in vitamin E and essential fatty acids, and added brazil nut and almond oils as well as cocoa, shea and cupuaçu butters to leave your skin supple and radiant.

Want to win this collection of goodies for yourself? Just comment on this Facebook post to get in the draw.

Winner drawn Sunday 18th February 2018.

This collection surely is love at first scent! #lushvalentines