The Skin Wardrobe: Makeup brush or face mask?


I couldn’t even tell you how many makeup brushes I own, let alone how many face masks I have. I literally have a draw, full of my favorite face masks. The Skin Wardrobe has actually taken my makeup kit and face mask obsession to another level!

Usually I have words flowing to tell you how impressed I am with products, so you guys can experience what I have experienced. To be honest, I am struggling to explain how incredible, yes INCREDIBLE these two products are from The Skin Wardrobe.

The Skin Wardrobe is a professional-grade Scandinavian skincare and cosmetic business. They work with different brands to provide “Beautiful results, made easy”.

Skintology Stockholm

I believe a face mask is very important in a woman’s day to day life. When I am not blogging, I am looking after 12 infants for 8 hours each day, and I tell you what, they are messy! So after a long week, I treat myself to a face mask. I was so excited to try this mask, the packaging is gorgeous! The one thing, before I even tried the mask, that stood out to me was; “Deeply Hydrating, Skin Smoothing, Increased Radiance”. Having that written on the front sells it to me!

Skintology Stockholm is a Swedish skincare brand that was founded in 2018. The mask is a ‘bio cellulose’ sheet made from fermented coconut juice. It is completely safe for the skin and is hydrating and anti-inflammatory. Skintology have created probably one of the best face masks I have ever tried. I am so impressed with how it left my skin, how effective it was after one mask. My skin was left feeling fresh, hydrated and smooth – I actually just can’t even deal, this is next level!

There are two different masks:
Fresh start Mask – $18.00
Thirst Quench Mask – $18.00

Then they have 2 Mask kits which both contain 4 face masks:
The Perfect Mix Mask kit – $60.00
The Fresh Start Kit – $60.00


I have a massive collection of make up brushes, purely because for special events. When I received this beautiful (actually that’s a bit of a under statement) brush, I was god-smacked! I have never felt something of the sort before.

Makethemake brushes are high quality, custom design brushes.They are designed to created a soft and natural look when and after applying your makeup. I was able to try the foundation brush which is a game changer. The brush is made up of very fine, soft and textured bristles. The finish from the foundation brush was amazing.

I still say “WOW” when I use it, now that is saying something!

Brushes and prices are listed below:

  • Loose Powder Brush – $48.00
  • Pressed Powder Brush – $38.00
  • Blush Brush – $32.00
  • Foundation Brush – $38.00
  • Highlighting Brush – $28.00
  • Concealer Brush – $23.00

Let me know what your thoughts are on face masks and which brush range is your favorite? Check out The Skin Wardrobe for many more of their amazing products!

Love Cass xx

*Disclaimer:some of these products have been sent to me for consideration. As always, all opinions are 100% my own. Please support the brands that support this blog.