The Best Fragrances And Perfumes Of 2017


Let’s be honest, every girl in the world wants a new perfume for Christmas.

The best part about buying fragrances as Christmas presents is that no girl can ever have too many of them. Like, ever.

I did this exact same post last year, and it proved to be really popular! I assume it’s because quite a few of you were searching for good fragrances to buy as Christmas presents?

Either way I thought it was a good idea to do a 2017 version!


Check out my top fragrances of 2017 below!


1. DKNY Nectar Love – RRP $125 (100ml) or $89 (50ml)

Firstly, how cute is this bottle? Gold with two little bees on it!

Nectar Love is the greatest and latest new fragrance from DKNY, and like a bee captivated by the irresistible draw to a lush blooming flower, it also captures nature’s pull of undeniable attraction.

This fragrance is perfect for those who like floral/fruity scents. Its unique blend of honeycomb, neroli, yellow freesia and fresh mandarin will transport you to place of paradise with just one sniff! Alongside these delish scents are grapefruit and pulpy nectarine, which create a comforting warmth, as cedarwood mixes with a creamy vanilla skin-hugging musk.

You can purchase DKNY Nectar Love from selected Farmers and Life Pharmacy stores.


2. Mon Paris by YSL – RRP $165 (60ml)

I featured this in my 2016 list of fragrances, but I am literally obsessed with it so I just had to include it in this year’s post too!

As I said last year (and time and time again on my Insta Stories), this would have to be my fave perfume of ALL TIME.

This baby launched in NZ towards the end of last year, and it quickly became a fan favourite among New Zealanders. Not only does the bottle look super pretty, but it smells seriously delicious! The two new accords of datura flower and patchouli come together to create this gorgeous, daydreamy fragrance.

It opens with a head accord of zingy bergamot from Calabre, with the freshness of respberry and strawberry accords, the addition of pear notes also provide a juicy, crisp tone.


3. Michael Kors Wonderlust Sensual Essence – RRP $183 (100ml) or $154 (50ml)

Michael Kors have some of the most divine perfumes in the world in my opinion.

They are one of those brands that get both of the most important elements of a good perfume right – the scent and the packaging.

This new fragrance is a luxurious interpretation of the original Wonderlust fragrance that is inspired by the exhilaration of new adventure. The scent conjures the romance and fearlessness of escaping on a spontaneous adventure.

This oriental woody fragrance opens with fruity florals for a captivating and refreshing scent. Juicy Nashi Pear and luscious black cherry draw you in as peony petals ignite with sparks of pink pepper. Jasmine mixes with orange blossom to create a captivating spirit while the sensuality and warmth of amber and cashmere woods gently embrace the skin.

You can purchase Michael Kors Wonderlust Sensual Essence from Smith & Caughey’s and selected pharmacies.


4. Katy Perry’s Indi Perfume – RRP $39.99

This fragrance is perfect if you’re gift shopping for a younger girl and want something that won’t break the bank!

Rich and textural, Katy Perry’s Indi captivates your senses with a combination of sparkling top notes. It’s a sensuous fragrance crafted with eleven different musks, it is as unique as the people who wear it.


5. YSL Black Opium – RRP $179 (50ml)

This would have to be the most popular fragrance of 2017!

Everything about it screams popularity, and it smells like nothing else. The inspiration behind YSL’s award winning Black Opium range is a modern, young and vibrant interpretation of addiction. Black Opium can be likened ti a shot of adrenalin, the necessary energy for a life more and more intense.

Did I miss any of your favourite fragrances this year? Tell me in the comments below!

Disclaimer: some of these products may have been sent to me, all opinions are always 100% my own. Please support the brands that support this blog.