The Best Eyelash Extensions in Auckland (+Giveaway)


It’s every girl’s dream to have set of beautiful long lashes. Am I right?

So why is it that so many of us choose not to pursue this this lifelong dream when the most obvious fix would be to get eyelash extentions?

I’ll tell you why… it’s because we’re scared! We’re scared of all those godawful horror stories told by our fellow girlfriends.


In all honesty, I’ve actually never had a set of eyelash extensions – reason being that my best friend had a really bad experience a few years back that left her lashes absolutely DESTROYED! It was pretty horrific to see.

So it’s needless to say I was a little reserved when I received an invite to attend to the media launch for

When I arrived at the launch, I got chatting to a few of my fellow blogger companions who all shared similar views on the subject – but I’ll admit that after hearing owner and operator, Elisia Webb talk about her unique and innovative lash technology, everything I thought I knew about eyelash extensions was out the window.

With an eye for detail, Webb works as an artist – commissioning individual looks for her clients’. Based on the facial and eye shape analyses of each client, Webb designs a set of lashes tailored to enhance the clients’ best features. Sizes are expertly selected according to the desired length, volume, condition of the natural lashes, as well as the lifestyle of the client. keeps up to date with the new improved eyelash extension technology. The latest trend is the Russian full volume eyelashextension technique – this technique uses super fine lashes whereby six light weight lashes are used in the equivalent to one thicker and heavier lash in older techniques (and unfortunately still used by many salons). This new technique creates truly luscious yet believable lashes.

Many people are (like myself) are unaware that lashes actually come in different thicknesses and in various degrees of curls. The most popular curls are named J, B, C, D and L. J – subtle B – lash lift C – strong D – dramatic  L – vertical lift. Lashes with a stronger curl have more impact from a frontal viewpoint and appear longer than a straighter curl in the same length.

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Want a pair? Well I’ve got a set of eyelash extensions to the value of $200.00 to giveaway to one of you lucky BL readers! To enter the draw just comment below and tell me what you love most about having beautiful long lashes.

S xx