Small kiwi online businesses you need to check out!


There’s no better time then right now to check out some kiwi owned online businesses! As we are locked away in our homes for 24hrs, why not search the net.

Supporting local and online businesses, giving them a bit of love can go such along way. For some, this is their only income. Covid-19 will create a big set back for some of these businesses. So, why not give back to our online community. I feel we can all help a little by being there for them once this blows over and we are some-what back to our normal lives.

I have put together a list of small online kiwi businesses that I feel we can all support and possibly purchase something that will spread happiness in our lives and also theirs!

1) Erin Simpson’s Artwork 

Some of you may remember Erin from our childhood years – The Erin Simpson Show. However, Erin is one talented, creative lady. She has her own art collection, Beautiful Objects, which are drawn and designed by herself. Erin has a range of different art, such as wooden cutouts, beautiful limited edition kiwiana prints, selection of unicorn styled art (this would be perfect for designing a little girls room!) GEO art and TANGRAM Art – this looks incredible! Her art is an absolute must have in our kiwiana homes!

Erin is based in Auckland, New Zealand.

I haven’t yet been a buyer of Erin’s however I have seen her art and now, my arm has been twisted and looks like this is No.1 on my list!

2) Mel’s Artwork

Christmas last year I wanted to get my partner some hand drawn portraits of our beautiful cats! I reached out to this lovely lady who did just what I wanted! She was absolutely amazing. Kept me updated with the progress of the drawings and completed them in time for when I needed them! She has incredible skill and I was so happy with the outcome!

Mel is based Gulf Harbour, New Zealand.

3) Abeille Candles

Is there anyone else out there who is obsessed with candles and has to have one lit every night? I am 100% guilty to this. I came across Abeille Candles through Ellie Haines, my all time fav instagram account – I can relate to her on so many levels haha! She announced that her and her partner, Brett had built his very own business creating, designing and selling candles. At first, I was taken at how beautiful the candles looked and the amount of effort gone into creating these. Then after reading more about Abeille and the process, I had huge amount of respect.

There is so much love, care and time taken to create these beautiful candles, all crafted by Brett himself. Each one individually poured by hand, filled with New Zealand bee’s wax, already for you to light at the end of each day. There is something so special about supporting businesses like Ellie and Brett’s, how much thought and effort has gone into it is phenomenal and there’s no better way then supporting them.

4) Cross Street Creative 

Are you a new mumma or expecting a child? Then this is a business you will fall in-love with! I came across Cross Street Creative through facebook and absolutely love what she does. I am not a mother myself but I have a few friends that are just about ready to start trying so this would be the perfect present! A Custom Birth Date Print. Her designs are so beautiful, you can choose which colour you like and with each print, the flower that represents that month is apart of the design, how pretty!

This is such a beautiful way to celebrating and new beginning and someone special entering our world.

5) Zeplin Prints

There is just something about custom/personalised art that I adore. How special is to have art hanging on your wall or sitting on your dresser that actually mean something to you, adding value to your life. Zeplin Prints is just that. Custom made prints to suit you. Each artist with their own talented skills, they can turn a special moment into a creative and unique illustration.

I am really excited to support these lovely creators once things start to go back to normal and have my very own Zeplin Print hanging on my wall!

6) Betty’s – Accessories for woman 

First of all, as soon as your visit Betty’s, the website is so pretty and inviting! Bright pink with yellow and stunning pictures to capture your attention. Betty’s is a small online business that sells accessories for woman. There is so many beautiful pieces to choose from!

I can’t wait to be supporting some online businesses once we are in Covid-19 Level 3.

Will you do the same? If so, what businesses will you be supporting?

*Disclaimer: some of these products have been sent to me for consideration. As always, all opinions are 100% my own. Please support the brands that support this blog.
*This is not a sponsored post.

Love Cass xx