Hair Lust: Remington’s Rose Luxury Hair Dryer & Straightener Packs


If you’re a fan of all things rose gold, then by golly are you going to fall head-over-heels in love with the new Remington Rose Luxury range. 

I’ve was kindly sent the new Remington Rose Luxury Hair Dryer Pack and Rose Luxury Straightener Pack to review just before Christmas, and weeks later I still get a tingle of excitement every time I go to dry or straighten my hair because they are just sahhhh prettyyyyyy and I love using them.

Just look at them – have you ever seen a more beautiful straightener and hair dryer set?

Remington Rose Luxury Hair Dryer & Straightener Pack Review

Each set also comes with a specifically tailored (and matching rose gold) hairbrush for desired styling, which is super handy.

I reckon that I’d be Remington’s #1 fan when it comes to their blow-wave hairbrushes, they are honestly the best ones I’ve ever used! If you love a good home blow wave, you should definitely give one of these hairbrushes a try ladies.

Remington Rose Luxury Hair Dryer Pack Review

Review: Remington Rose Luxury Hair Dryer Pack ($NZ129.99)

First up we’ve got the Remington Rose Luxury Hair Dryer Pack which would have to be one of the most lightweight hair dryers from Remington that I’ve ever owned.

If you have super long mermaid hair like me, then I bet you’ll appreciate a lightweight hair dryer as it can get quuuuuuite tedious standing in the bathroom for what feels like an eternity drying your wet hair after a shower. It’s also equipped with a professional long-life AC motor, allowing you to achieve fast drying & salon results.

This newly launched dryer features a luxury ceramic coated grille that ensures even heat distribution and ionic conditioning technology providing 90* more ions for less frizz, meaning that your hair will be sleeker than ever! Packaged along with the perfect drying accessory (as mentioned above), a rounded blow wave hairbrush to create those beautifully bouncy styles we all lust for.

Make sure you read our review on the Remington Pearl Shine Hair Dryer to see a comparison between the two.

Remington Rose Luxury Straightener Pack Review

Remington Rose Luxury Straightener Pack ($NZ129.99)

If I had to pick a favourite out of the two, it would be the Remington Rose Luxury Straightener Pack. This baby is super smooth and quick to do the job!

It’s newly designed and innovative ceramic coated plates claim to be “2x smoother and 2x longer lasting” in comparison to your average straightener. After using this puppy for nearly 3 weeks, I can definitely say that it’s got more “get up and go” than my old trusty GHD (but in saying that, my GHD is also like 7 years old now). But yeah, it feels effortless to use and hardly rips any of my hair out, which is always a win!

There’s no need to wait around for your straightener to heat up anymore, because the Rose Luxury Straightener has a quick turbo boost function, allowing you to get the top temperature faster! Not forgetting the tools needed to create sleek and straight tresses, the Rose Luxury Straightener is packaged with a complimentary colour matched vent brush to finish off your gorgeous look.

Have you tried the new Remington Rose Luxury range? What did you think? 

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