Regain your skin confidence with Caci Clinic’s Skinsmiths


If you’re looking for a skincare brand that provides beauty clinic results at home, then you need to check out Caci Clinic’s Skinsmiths skincare range ASAP. 

I was introduced to the Skinsmiths brand for the first time during my monthly Microdermabrasion treatment at my local Caci Clinic in Orewa. I was talking to one of the beauticians about my pore sizes, and how picking at my problem skin when I was younger has now resulted in some hideous scarring around my chin and pore-strip zone area.

She began suggesting a few different Caci Clinic treatment options that could help with pore size reduction, and she then proceeded to ask me which skincare brands I use at home.

I told her that being a beauty blogger gives me the opportunity to try all sorts of different skincare brands and products, so my daily at-home skincare routine generally consists of an array of different products! I’m always trying new products for the blog, which means my skin really lacks product consistency – so she recommended I give Skinsmiths a go, and consistently stick it out for a while to see if there were any results.

First impressions of the Skinsmiths range?

I was gifted my first set of the range to try it out, which I’ve been using twice daily for about 4-5 solid weeks now.

During the first couple of uses I began to wonder if the range was too soft for me. You see, I am used to using harsher products that give the feeling of “instant results” due to the drying feeling they provide. But in reality all those products are doing is stripping my skin of essential oils and leave it dry, which I’ve since learned is in no way good for your skin!

So I decided to stick it out for a solid 1-2 weeks before making up my mind about it.

Sure enough, after the first week or so I began to see a noticeable difference in my skin. It looked and felt much more hydrated and plumped-up than usual, which was nice to see in comparison to it’s usual dry and red patchiness.

I also noticed a-lot of the redness around my chin and pore-zone areas had started to fade away, and my skin colour was beginning to even out!

Review: Skinsmiths Eye Concentrate

I really liked the Skinsmiths Eye Concentrate and could see a massive improvement in the bags and fine lines around my eyes! It’s definitely my go-to eye cream product at the moment, and is the most effective one I’ve come across so far.

The skin around my eyes appeared to be much more firm and hydrated.

Review: Skinsmiths Daily Moisturiser

The Skinsmiths Daily Moisturiser was also one of the stand-out favourites for me, it’s super light-weight and non-greasy but does a superb job of hydrating the skin.

It’s formulated with shea butter, olive oil and avocado oil, and is best used during the day in combination with a SPF 15 sunscreen for skin protection.

Review: Skinsmiths Cream Cleanser

The Skinsmiths Cream Cleanser took a wee while to grow on me, mainly due to the fact that I’m used to using the harsher skincare brands/products that give that “drying” feeling after using them.

After adjusting and getting used to the fact that having a more “hydrated” feeling was actually better for my skin, I started to to enjoy using it more and more.

The best part about this cleanser is that it’s also strong enough to remove makeup, as-well as working away at impurities and maintaining the right moisture balance for your skin.

Review: Skinsmiths Derma Roller

The Skinsmiths Derma Roller would have to by far be my absolute favourite product from the range. I use it 1-2 times a week, and it makes my skin feel SO smooth after using it.

It helps to reduce fine lines and improve scarring, which is exactly what I need to reduce my pore sizes and scarring.

Derma-rolling helps the absorption of active ingredients and stimulates collagen.

It’s available in 0.3mm and 0.5mm needle lengths.

Review: Skinsmiths Sanitising Spray

The Skinsmiths Sanitising Spray is for cleaning the Derma Roller to ensure it’s 100% cleaned and sanitised after every use.

You basically need to spray the roller head three times with the sanitising spray and wait for 10 minutes, and then rinse the Derma Roller with cold boiled water to reduce the risk of any residue. 

Overal thoughts?

Skinsmiths is a great skincare range, I would highly recommend it. It was created by Caci Clinic to be a skincare brand that extended their high standard of care beyond the clinic doors.

You can check out the entire Skinsmiths range on the Caci Clinic website.

Have you tried any products from Caci Clinic’s Skinsmiths range? What did you think?