Melbourne Trip: Shopping, Cheese Bars & Ghost Tours


I recently spent a weekend away in Melbourne, so I thought I’d share some of the highlights from my trip with you cool cats.

Melbourne is definitely the place to go for shopping (and every girl needs at least one shopping trip a year, right?), so I decided to make a long weekend out of it (Thurs – Mon). It was absolute bliss to get away from the rather sudden cold temperatures and cyclones that hit Auckland right before we left!

I flew over with my family and partner, and our weekend was jam-packed full of everything from shopping, to ghost tours at abandoned morgues.


We flew with Virgin Australia, and I was given complimentary travel insurance from Worldcare Travel Insurance which was great (I’ve actually got a discount code for you guys at the bottom of this post).

When it came to selecting which insurance policy was best for me and my trip, I found their website super straight forward and easy-to-navigate (which was a breath of fresh air compared to other travel insurance companies I’ve used in the past). You can easily compare travel insurance policies and select the one that best suits your budget, length of holiday and level of insurance you require.

I ended up choosing the GoComprehensive policy which provides extensive cover and is a popular choice


We stayed in a three bedroom apartment at Melbourne Short Stay Apartments on City Road, and the view was certainly on point. The room was stunning and equip with two bathrooms, which was definitely a must for 6 people!

It was super central to everything we needed, which meant we saved money on Ubers as we could just walk everywhere.


We shopped until we dropped at the popular DFO South Wharf outlet mall (I’m not even kidding, we went back there at least four or five times).

The most important item on my shopping list was to find a Kate Spade wallet in the DFO outlet mall (mainly because I found a handbag last time I was there and needed a wallet to match, naturally). I ended up finding one for under $100 so I treated myself to a glass of sav to celebrate.


These are just a few of my favourite shopping scores from the outlet mall (and believe me, there was much more than this that I took home with me in my suitcase).

That VIVA LA JUICY perfume was an absolute bargain for $22.00. Plus, how cute is that strawberry iPhone case?


After a full two days of non-stop shopping, we stopped for takeaway coffees in Crown Plaza before heading out to see friends in St Kilda.

If you haven’t been to Calatrava, then you haven’t lived. Their selection of cakes and slices is unlike anything I’ve ever seen! It’s an actual dream.


We met up with some friends at a cheese bar called Milk the Cow, which was truly an experience to remember.

I would highly recommend going to a cheese bar if you’ve never been. Basically, you choose from a menu of sliders (ie wine, beer, whiskey) to which each drink is matched with an appropriate cheese. My girlfriend Ashley and I had the wine sliders, while the boys chose to have beer.


We then headed back to our friends’ place to have some drinks and nibbles before heading out on a ghost tour (just you wait).

When we arrived my friend Ashley formerly asked me to be a bridesmaid at her wedding next year, and surprised me with the cutest bridesmaid present ever! Just look at that robe!

Of course, I said yes.


Last (but certainly not least) we went on a Lantern Ghost Tour.

Most of the tours were booked out due to high demand, so we ended up doing the ghosts of the old city Williamstown tour, which included going inside Victoria’s oldest morgue and burial ground.

Before we entered the morgue, the tour guide mentioned that a lot of young children who passed away used to come through this morgue, and that she often had people on the tour experience what felt like gusts of wind run past their legs (at child height).

While I was in the morgue I felt three big tugs on my handbag (which was hanging around my waist) and it freaked me out like you wouldn’t believe! Just look at the orb in the photo – plus the lines of light are at child height which is spooky asf.

If you get a kick out of this sorta thing, I’d highly recommend booking a tour next time you’re in Melbourne.

Traveling anytime soon?

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Hope you enjoyed this post!

*Disclaimer: this post was sponsored by Wolrdcare Travel Insurance. As always, all opinions are 100% my own. Please support the brands that support this blog*