MAISON de SABRE – Phone Case Review


This day and age, we are walking around with latest smart phone, usually waving it about, taking photos, catching those glamour pic’s in the mirror before a night out with the girls, am I right? What better way to show case your phone with the beautiful phone cases from Maison de Sabre.

Early this year a brought a Iphone 8+ (low key still buzzing) and what better way to pair it with one of the gorgeous phone cases from Maison de Sabre. Maison de Sabre is an Australian brand which specializes in personalised leather accessories giving you options to really make an item your own.

Don’t know what colour to choose?

The colour I choose really stood out to me, I am a sucker for canary yellow! It is vibrate and bold which I really love, especially if you want to make a statement. They say they have a colour for every season and they sure do have a huge range of colours to choose from. My next go to colour would have to be the pomegranate red!

The Maison de Sabre phone case is leather with a pebble kinda look and the texture is definitely luxurious. I must say this is one stunning case and highly recommend it to anyone who owns a iPhone.

The one thing I absolutely love about this iPhone case, is how you are able to have your own personalised monogram on the back. There is a limit of how many letters you can have, I chose CASS, of course – haha. Each phone case takes eight craftsmen to create these stunning cases. I have a iPhone 8+ and so far I have had no damage on the case and I drop my phone on the daily!

I have found that the Maison de Sabre case definitely makes your phone feel a lot heavier and thicker then what it is. That’s probably because the case is quite thick itself.

I use my Maison de Sabre case every single day and honestly, it makes my phone look 1000x better AND I feel like it is more protected as-well, then just having your average phone case.

I highly recommed this for any girl/guy who wants their phone to be glamours and well protected.

Maison de Sabre have a whole range of different products (I am sooo tempted to get one of the clutches) but the current iPhone case I am using is AUD$79.99  and you get a 365 day warranty!

Love Cass xx 

*Disclaimer:some of these products have been sent to me for consideration. As always, all opinions are 100% my own. Please support the brands that support this blog.