Lipstick Lust: The Power Behind Red Lipstick


Red has long since been a dominant colour, and when paired with a full set of luscious lips it acts as a killer power source.

It gives off the appearance of strength and empowerment, and therefore forces you to embody those traits (and more).

I guess you could say red lipstick is the beauty equivalent of a shot of espresso.


I don’t know about you guys, but I absolutely love red lipstick. It is hands down one of the sexiest and most bold accessories you can wear.

I wear red lipstick when I want to draw attention to my mouth – it makes me feel confident, stylish and sexy!

It’ s like every single word, opinion and idea is more assertively spoken with a demanding red lip attached to it.

Traffic lights, fire trucks, and endless other ‘stop-in-your-tracks’ symbols are always coloured in red, so it’s no wonder our brains are hardwired to pay attention to the colour.

Try Google searching ‘the power of red lipstick’ and you will find an array of quotes from powerful, iconic women including Marilyn Monroe, Scarlett Johansson, Angelina Jolie and Taylor Swift.

Take Taylor Swift for example – not only is she a fan of the red lip, but she also named her last album after the colour.

She told People“I’ll go through different phases with makeup and always try new things. Except I never really get too far from red lipstick, do I? I guess I just think my face looks worse without it. That’s pretty much the only rationale behind it.”

One of her latest hits ‘Style’ refers heavily to her red, rep lips.

“That classic thing that you like”: Yeah, well she’s talking about an all-American, feminine beauty tradition that stemmed from the likes of Marilyn Monroe and Cindy Crawford.

One of my current fave’s is actually from Karen Murrell – it’s called Red Shimmer and it’s a true and timeless classic when it comes to reds.



So if you’re ever feeling insecure about anything, just put on a bit of red lippy to make up for lost confidence. It really works a charm!

What do you love about red lipstick, and what is your favourite brand/shade?