Let it Go – Hair and Scalp masks from The Circle Chronicle Range


If you are wanting shiny, healthy, silky smooth hair for any occasion, then you are going to fall in love with the Circle Chronicle Range from Davines. 

It’s time to Let it Go with Davines by using their newest hair and scalp masks from the Circle Chronicle Range that you can use for any occasion!

This beautiful hair mask range has your name written all over them! I tell you right now girl, you are going to love it! They are so easy to apply though your hair and leaves you hair looking boom asf, winning! 

The Circle Chronicle Range

The Circle Chronicles is a family of six high-performance scalp and hair masks that deliver immediate results and i’ll tell you right now that these are the best I have EVER used, OMG! 

How neat, the Circle Chronicle range comes in SIX different masks, each with their own personalised tag, that tells when the best time is to use them. I’m still making my way through the masks and already I want more because they are just so good! I mean let’s be real, every girl wants the best in life.

Do you think you could totally see yourself every week, applying a Circle Chronicle hair mask, drinking some Clearview Estate Chardonnay Wine – in my opinion that’s my fav – and watching a 10/10 chick flick? You’ll definitely catch me doing this every Friday night!

I must say, the stylish the packaging is a eye catcher for sure, it is practical and carbon-neutral and is so perfect for life on the go. The masks itself are vegan friendly, silicone-free and without any parabens (yass how good!) They are made up of high percentages of natural ingredients with AMAZING salon results!

The Circle Chronicles Range:

  • Spotlight Circle
  • Wake-up Circle
  • Renaissance Circle
  • Purity Circle
  • Quick fix Circle
  • Let it go Circle 

All masks are 50ml, RRP $19.90. Davines is exclusively from professional hair salons only, but let’s pray that these bad boys make it to our supermarket’s or pharmacy’s so absolutely anyone can buy them.

Love Cass xx 

*Disclaimer:some of these products have been sent to me for consideration. As always, all opinions are 100% my own. Please support the brands that support this blog.