It’s Beginning To Smell A Lot Like Christmas At Lush


It sure is beginning to smell a lot like Christmas at Lush!

A few weeks ago the Beauty Lust team was lucky enough to go to the launch of Lush’s 2017 Christmas collection, and boy did they deliver! Not only did they deliver Christmas in October (Christmas all year round, please!) but they delivered on their gorgeous new Christmas products.

The boxed gift set we received was Happy Christmas, containing seven different products, from soaps, gels and jelly!

Steph Mason, one of our lovely beauty writers, has written a full review on the gift set. Scroll down to check out a bit more on each of the products.


The highlight of this set was, undoubtedly, Santa’s Belly.  

As my first introduction to the Lush jellies, this did not disappoint. Not only is this super fun and original, but the scent is amazing, fruity and fresh. This shower jelly contains apple, bergamot oil and rose and if you’re a fan of Snow Fairy, you’ll loooove this. The best way to use it is to rip off a clump in your hand and lather straight onto the skin!


The next favourite was their new body conditioner, Christingle.

Lush’s body conditioner’s are some of their best products, but this takes the cake. With peppermint and menthol crystals not only does it smell like candy canes, but it actually stimulates and awakens the skin – so you literally feel all tingly! Smooth this over at the end of your shower, rinse off and pat dry, your skin will feel soft and rejuvenated throughout the whole busy festive season with this!


Next up is the shower gel, Berry Berry Christmas. Just as you’d expect, this shower gel is packed with cranberry, blue berry and bergamot. This fresh and fruity shower gel is perfect for the warmer weather, reminding you Summer’s just around the corner! The surprise is the glitter in this product- lather up and watch your skin glisten!


Moving onto the soaps, we have Christmas Citrus. With this soap, the name is really what you get. This soap is packed with lemon and lime, giving a delightful citrus scent, use this before any Christmas party and you’ll feel fresh and on top of the world!


The second shower gel is Bubbly. Pop open the bubbly on Christmas day with this gel- with the sweet orange and fresh grape juice, you’ll feel awakened and fresh all day. If you prefer your body washes and gels to be more fresh and citrusy than fruity, you’ll love this.


Then we have the Baked Alaska soap. If you’ve been feeling the Christmas blues, bake it off with this soap! With a gorgeous scent of lemon and grapefruit, this soap also contains cocoa butter. For a luxurious and soothing bath, use Baked Alaska and you’re guaranteed to feel better.


Last but not least we have Happy Hippy, an old favourite at Lush and part of their permanent line for a reason. You cannot go wrong with this, its subtle scent is far from overpowering, with zesty grapefruit juice, this gel is ideal for Summer. If you find some Lush scents to be too strong, this shower gel is perfect for you.


Pop into any Lush store and pick up any or all of these products and you’ll instantly get into the Christmas spirit. With Lush it’ll truly make Christmas the most wonderful (smelling) time of the year.

Keep an eye out on the blog for more Christmas posts and gift guides coming soon!