Here’s What Every Girl Needs For The Perfect Kiwi Summer


The countdown for summer holidays is officially on!

And with that in mind, what better time of the year for me to write a checklist of things that every girl needs for the perfect Kiwi summer?

I had a good long think about what to feature in this post… but when it all came down to it, it really wasn’t that hard. Deep down, every Kiwi girl knows what her staples are for summer.


Check out what mine are below!

1. Just the right amount of fake tan

Because New Zealand’s summer is nowhere near as hot as the Gold Coast’s summer, so our level of tan needs to honestly reflect that. I’ve actually featured my top tanning products of all time if you’re in the market for a new brand of fake tan?

Also make sure you check out my top tips to make your fake tan last longer.


2. Weekend getaways 

“We need to plan more weekend getaways this summer” – me, literally every summer.

Make the most of summer by planning mini-breaks/weekend getaways to new and beautiful places. New Zealand is the best backyard anyone could ask for, so make sure you get out there and make the most of it while the weather is good!


3. BBQs at the beach

We all need our fair share of BBQ dinners at the beach during the summer months. There’s nothing quite like heading down to the beach after a long day at work for a Friday feast on the beach, followed by your favourite Tip Top ice cream and a swim!

P.s don’t forget the white bread and Wattie’s tomato sauce.


4. New pair of sunnies

Every girl deserves the right to treat herself to a new pair of sunnies for the summer.

There’s just something about buying a new pair of sunglasses that makes summer feel all the more special! This year I’m eyeing up these new ‘Super Duper Strength Acetate sunglasses from Karen Walker.


5. New pair of shorts

Every Kiwi girl knows that a good pair of shorts is key to the perfect summer. Why? Because we literally live in them over the summer months. If you put a good pair of shorts with some cute crop tops, it’s basically the perfect combo and your summer wardrobe is sorted.

Remember to throw in some Havana jandals too of course!


6. Dry shampoo

Where would a girl be without her dry shampoo at hand? With all the outdoor Kiwi summer adventures like sunbathing, road trips, parties and swimming… there ain’t no time for washing your hair every second day!

Finding a good dry shampoo is essential for Kiwi girls during summer. I personally like Batiste Dry Shampoo range. I’ve reviewed these before.


7. A good BB cream with SPF

Because no one wants to wear a full coverage foundation in summer, that’s not a good time.

Finding a good BB Cream/Tint with a SPF can be tricky… I personally like Dermalogica’s Sheer Tint SPF20 because has no greasiness to it whatsoever (I can’t stand those BB creams that feel and look oily). It also does a great job of hydrating my skin at the same time!


Did I miss anything off this list? Let me know in the comments below!


Images: Pixabay