First Impressions: Loving Tan’s Deluxe Bronzing Mousse


It’s sad to say, but I think it’s about time we began to accept the fact that summer is pretty much over…  

And although the colder weather is starting to chill our bones, there’s one thing we can hold on to… our tan!

And by tan I don’t mean actual real life tan from the sun… I mean FAKE tan (hell yes! Fake it till you make it baby).

Many girls will be familiar with the life-long search for the perfect fake tan, it can take decades if not a lifetime to find ‘the one’ (need I not remind you of the oompa loompa experience).

And just when you think you’ve found it, along comes some new product claiming to be bigger and better! #firstworldproblems

So just when I thought I’d settled, I discovered Loving Tan.

This tan is so good your friends will swear you just came back from an island holiday!


I can still remember the very first day I came across this hot new thang… it was blowing up my Instagram feed like there was no tomorrow! I remember Shaaanxo’s review in particular and was 100% sold after that.

Loving Tan is available in three Bronzing Mousses colours: medium, dark and ultra dark (I went for the medium).

As with all fake tanning rituals… I scrubbed, exfoliated and shaved the day before application.

The first thing I noticed about the tan was the smell.

I had never come across a fake tan that actually smelt good, like EVER! It smelt like caramel and chocolate and I seriously considered eating it instead of applying it…

But I didn’t because I’m not THAT weird.

I used my Loving Tan tanning mitt to apply the stuff, it felt a little weird at first to use a mitt for a mousse as I’d only previously used them for sprays, but nonetheless it all seemed to work the same.

It dried really fast compared to other tans and left no sticky residue, which was nice for a change.

I was a little worried at first as it appeared quite patchy and the mitt just couldn’t seem to smooth it out, but it all washed off and left a perfectly even tan all over in the end – I see Stacey Banfield from Painted Lips had a similar experience, and she said that it must have been the tanning agent that sits on top of the skin and then just washes off?

So I waited until the next day (I know, I know, I ruined my sheets) before making my final judgement.


End result? LOVED it! I have never had such an even, natural-looking tan that smells good in my life. EVER.

The colour lasted on my skin for about a week and a half which was also a win-win. This stuff is worth every penny in my eyes.

I got my Loving Tan from Pagan Marie NZ Boutique – you can use the discount code BEAUTYLUST for 10% off – yay!

If you’re going to buy Loving Tan, you should defs go through Pagan Marie NZ Boutique because they’re like the only NZ distributer, so it will save you having to pay for shipping on top of everything else #winning

What’s your favourite fake tan? Have you tried Loving Tan? If so, what did you think of it?