Beauty Review: Remington’s Pearl Shine Straightener & Dryer


Keen to cut you hair styling time in half? You need to check out Remington’s Pearl Shine collection!

I must say I’m a relatively lazy person when it comes to drying my hair, usually, I just wrap it up in a towel like a little hair croissant, and free it 20 minutes later to dry on its own. Though these days sitting in front of the heater has become a warmer and quicker way of drying my hair! Obviously letting a fan heater blast across the top of my head is not particularly good for the health of my hair…

The past few weeks I have been testing out Remington’s Pear Shine dryer and straightener and my gosh, bad hair days are a thing of the past.

Plus, just look at how beautiful they are!

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With this hair dryer, there has been a significant improvement to not only speed in which I can dry my hair, but also the look, feel and health of my hair.

Upon first use (from damp to dry in about 5 minutes!) I had my mother, sister, and aunt comment on how shiny my hair looked. I also felt that it added tons of volume to my roots. I have relatively thin, flat hair, so this was an amazing improvement for me!

Seeing as getting out of the shower is absolutely freezing these days, I love the three different heat settings – and let me assure you, I’m using it on its hottest setting and it’s DIVINELY warm. Similarly, there are three power settings, in case you’d like more control over the frizz factor while drying (I got a little over enthusiastic on my first attempt, and actually sucked some hair into the fan. Oops).

This hair dryer was made with 4 times more Tourmaline in it to help fight frizz and leave your hair shinier and silkier. This hair dryer is absolutely amazing, it dries my hair so fast and leaves it looking stunning.

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With a hairdryer this good, I could leave the house without doing anything to my hair. Some days I like to look a little more put together. I strongly believe every girl needs a good hair straightener.

The Remington Pearl Shine Straightener is incredible. Of course, when using heat products, I strongly recommend using a good heat protectant to protect your hair as best you can, but this straightener is seriously wonderful. It heats in up just 10 seconds so it’s super convenient when you’re in a rush.

The fact that it gets so hot, so quick makes styling so much easier and quicker in the mornings when I am pushed for time. It also has a heat range from 150 degrees to 235, so this straightener can easily straighten the most stubborn of hair. With the two styling tools, I was able to achieve dry and flawlessly straight hair in about 15 minutes. Curling always takes a little longer but even then I had effortless waves in a matter of minutes.

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The ceramic plates are super smooth so your hair just glides through. I not only love how quickly it straightens hair but also how smooth and shiny my hair is after styling.

This straightener is also super nice for curling as both of the outer edges of the ceramic plates are curved which helps to create loose bouncy curls. If you are after a really good combo then I highly recommend these gems, but they are also great on their own.

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The sleek pearly white with black accents is also absolutely gorgeous. I never realised the impact of owning a GOOD hair dryer made to your hair.

Who else has found a hair dryer they are in love with?