A Walk On The Beach With The Dog And SmartBuyGlasses


Where would a girl be without her sunnies, right?

There’s just something about having a pair of fancy designer sunglasses that makes you feel like a million like bucks.

It was about time I had a new pair of sunnglasses, so when SmartBuyGlasses offered me a couple of brand new pairs I jumped at the chance!

If you haven’t heard of SmartBuyGlasses, let me introduce you… they are basically the most affordable glasses website on the planet.

And they literally deliver everywheeeeere – even little old NZ!


I decided to do a shoot at the beach with my newly acquainted sunnies – and I even took the dog along for a bit of fun.

FYI I should probably mention I’ve written about how great SmartBuyGlasses are in the past when I got my first ever RayBans.

Anyway, let’s get into it.

As mentioned above, I was sent two pairs of designer sunglasses. The first (and my most favourite pair) would have to be the Burberry ones below,Β which retail for $204.95 NZ.


I’ve always loved oval shaped sunglasses, and to have it go hand-in-hand with a beautiful havana brown colour was a dream come true.

Even my fur baby Zac thought they looked pretty damn cool (okay, he actually didn’t really notice… but at least he participated in the photoshoot).


The second pair of sunglasses I was sent were by Max Mara (and retailed for the same price as the Burberry ones).

These ones were all black with stylish gold tips on the ends, which I loved!


A girl can never look pastΒ a classic pair of black sunglasses, especially Max Mara ones.

I posted the above pic on my Instagram, and it received a whirlwind of compliments – proving that these are indeed a popular style!

The lens colour on these babies is a blueish grey, and suuuper crisp.


One thing’s for sure, and that is the beach had never looked so clear untilΒ I’d seen it through these sunglasses. It was certainly picturesque to say the least!


If you’re in the market for some new sunglasses and you haven’t checked out SmartBuyGlasses yet, I suggest you do ASAP – they are seriously affordable and the variety of styles to choose from is incomparable to any other store or website.

Have you purchased any glasses or sunglasses from SmartBuyGlasses? If so, what did you get?