12 Kiwi Bloggers You Need To Follow On Instagram ASAP


New Year, New Instagram accounts to follow! 

I’d be lying if I didn’t say the lion’s share of Instagram accounts I follow are in-fact beauty, lifestyle and fashion bloggers.

Being a blogger myself, I’ve compiled a list of my top 12 New Zealand bloggers you NEED to follow on Instagram this year:


1. Cass Thompson from Cassandramyee Blog

Cass would have to be one of my favourite NZ beauty bloggers, namely because she posts the most BEAUTIFUL makeup and beauty photos. I find myself starring at her Instagram in awe of how gorgeous all her photographs are!

2. Hannah from The Modern Girl

Not only is Hannah one of my good friends, but she is also a kick-ass babe who has all the determination and motivation in the world. I always look to TMG for my fix on health, fitness, beauty and style.

#tbt my fav look of 2015 thanks to @rebekahbanks ? A photo posted by The Modern Girl (@themoderngirl) on

3. Leonie Barlow from The Style Insider

Leonie is my own personal ‘blogging inspiration’ for a number of reasons – her Instagram content is always engaging, entertaining and just all-round visually stunning to look at!

Perfect camera for cool holiday snaps ? @instaxnz #instax #Hawaii #honolulufw #hawaiianairlines #beach #oahuvb   A photo posted by The Style Insider (@thestyleinsider) on

4. Megan Lynch from She Said Yes

If you’re planning your dream wedding, then you need to follow Megan’s Instagram pronto! Not only is she the loveliest, most beautiful girl (both inside and out) in the world, she also posts everything you’ll need to know in the lead-up to your big day.

5. Christel & Camille Hansen from Makeupper

I’ve known these two gorgeous sisters for a few years now and can confidently say they are the most down-to-earth beauty bloggers in the country. Christel is a very talented and professional makeup artist, while Camille is the mastermind behind the camera!

6. Christine Stucki from Ruby Fearless

There is only one word for Christine’s Instagram: stunning. Everything from her photos to her quotes have been made with the uppermost effort and attention to detail. This pretty young lass is VERY talented at what she does!

?????? #flatlay #love #esteelauder #karenwalker #shopstyleconquer #christianpaulwatches #2016 #yes #ignz #nzblogger A photo posted by NZ Fashion & Lifestyle Blog (@rubyfearless) on

7. Aimee Young from My Beloved Style

I’ve been following Amy’s Instagram for about a year now, and I love how refreshingly simple, yet beautiful her photography is. She would have to be one of NZ’s most followed bloggers, with over 57k followers.

My favourite kind of circle #fms_circle #fmsphotoaday #nespressomoments A photo posted by MyBelovedStyle (@missaimeefleur) on

8. Ellen & Tara McKenzie from Shop Style Conquer

Just like Christel and Camille from Makeupper, these two gorgeous girls are also sisters (dang I wish my sister would blog with me) who blog together. The photography that these two gems produce is just NEXT LEVEL – they also do vlogs together which are pretty choice to watch!

9. Angie Fredatovich from Gurl Interrupted

Angie’s Instagram showcases anything and everything pretty that catches her eye! There’s absolutely everything from fashion to beauty, to food and flowers. She’s been in the blogging game for quite some time now and knows her stuff! 

Gotta make the last day of the holidays count. #food #foodie #holidays #instadaily #instamood #instagood #instapic #igers A photo posted by Angie Fredatovich ? (@gurlinter_upted) on

10. Millie Elder Holmes from Clean Eat NZ

If you’re looking for your daily dose of #fitspo and #cleaneating, then this is the account for you! Millie posts a variety of food and fitness photos, recipes and inspirational quotes to keep you going.

11. Lani Glass from Lani Loves

This pretty young lady is SERIOUSLY good at doing her makeup! I particularly love her lipstick shots – they are beyond perfect. She is definitely one-to-watch this year!

12. Morgan Ashworth at Hyacinth Girl

If you’re looking for ‘no bullshit’ beauty reviews – look no further than Hyacinth Girl! HG is my absolute go-to when I want a brutally honest opinion on a product before I decide to purchase. Not only is Morgan absolutely stunning herself, but her photography and makeup skills are pretty damn fine as well!

13. Stacey Banfield from Painted Lips

Edit note: I know this post says ’12 kiwi bloggers’, but there’s actually 13.

Incase you’re not already following this absolute STUNNER of a girl, let me introduce to you, the beautiful and highly talented…. Stacey Banfield from Painted Lips!

This beauty has come a looonngggggg way over the past year. She now has over 16.5K followers on Instagram and her makeup is ALWAYS on point.

If you’re looking for even MORE accounts to follow, just check out who I’m following on Instagram at @beautylustnz – the list is endless!

I wish I could’ve made this ‘the top 100 NZ bloggers to follow’ – but hey, I’m lazy and it would’ve literally take me DAYS to sort through all the amazingly talented NZ blogger accounts out there.

Who are your fave NZ bloggers to follow on Instagram? Comment with their usernames below!