This Is Why You Need At Least One Holiday Every Year


If you’re reading this, then I’m guessing you are in desperate need of a holiday. Am I right? Mmmhmm, I thought so. 

The idea of taking a holiday should always be an exciting one, but that’s not always the case… especially when you’re career or family life is so time-restricting.

If you were nodding your head in agreement whilst reading that previous sentence, then we need to do something about it, and ASAP.


I found myself in a situation recently where I just needed to take a break.

I was becoming over-tired, over-worked (I keep telling myself I need to get out of the media industry ugh) and it got to the point where I just became quite negative to be around to be honest (and I’m generally quite a positive person).

It was at this point that I said f*ck it, I need a holiday.


So I booked flights to Rarotonga for my partner and I (they were on sale for like $189 return on Jetstar so I was stoked) and off we went.

As soon as we finished our last day at work (we both worked in the morning and caught an evening flight) I think we both felt a sense of relief, but unlike my boyfriend, it did take me quite a while to unwind and just accept the fact that I could now relax.


We arrived in Raro at around midnight, and it was suuuuper stormy which I remember not being impressed about. The first thing that went through my mind was, “FFS I bet the whole week is going to be like this. What a waste of time and money,” and that’s when I noticed I was STILL being negative.

We had just arrived in Rarotonga and I was still complaining.

The next day the weather cleared up, so we did a bit of exploring, booked some activities, had lunch and then sat down for a swim and some cocktails… but I was still agitated for some reason.


I remember it being about 4pm on our first day there, and I kept asking my boyfriend, “what shall we do now? Should I book something for tomorrow? What do you want to do for dinner?” and the questions and planning just would not stop.

He was more interested in taking it as it comes and having no plans (which is what you’re supposed to do during a “relaxing” holiday), but it took me at least 2-3 days of our 7 day holiday to realise this and start relaxing myself.

After those first 2-3 days passed and I ran out of things to plan for, I was kind of forced into relaxing for the first time. And it was the best feeling EVER.


I seriously don’t think I’ve ever been able to relax in my entire life, so being over in Raro with absolutely nothing to do was a weird and somewhat unusual experience for me (I also get mad anxiety over pretty much anything, including not knowing what to plan for), so when I came to actually enjoy myself and let the day pass by it felt really good.

After I realised that it took me so long to relax I made a promise to myself to take at least one good break like that a year, because I came back to work and day-to-day life feeling so damn refreshed and positive.

It’s truly amazing what a good week away from your normal life can actually do for you. Especially if you chose a holiday destination that actually forces you to relax!

Moral of the story? TAKE A BREAK PEOPLE. And by that, I mean at least one decent one a year (and a mid-year one too, don’t just use Christmas and New Years as your holiday).

What is your ideal holiday location if you’re looking to relax?

Love and kisses xx


  • It’s so important to take a break, I really need to do that myself and seriously switch off! Raro would be an amazing place to go, and those flights were so cheap – I need to check it out!

    • It’s so vital to take breaks, I was getting in such a bad space. You should definitely check out Raro – I fell head-over-heels in love!

  • Christel Hansen

    Love this post Steph, it is so important to take holidays. This is something my BF has had to learn the hard way. He currently has like 15 weeks owing to him or something ridiculous like that, because he just won’t take holidays. He’s finally starting to come around now and he’s booked leave for later this month, and again for next month! Yay!!
    One of our favourite spots to go to is Taupo/Turangi. We basically live in a holiday destination now, but it doesn’t automatically mean life is more relaxing – you have to get away from home to really unwind and relax! Oxoxo

    • Thanks Christel! Omg I can’t believe how much leave he has owning, that is beyond insane. Make him take more holidays!! x

  • Okay girl how did you find flights that cheap!? I am so obsessed with Raro, I’ll be making a trip over there next month!! Way too excited for a break!

    • I know!! They were $0 return which was just unreal. I can’t wait to go back, it was so amazing.

  • What an awesome price for those flights!!! Wowza. Totally agree with what you’ve said, it’s so important to take time out. We go over to Great Barrier Island for a week or so each year with hubby’s extended family and it’s really lovely. I would love to take more solo holidays but y’know, dolla dolla bill yo

    • They had a massive sale on for $0 return flights, it was unreal! Ohhh Great Barrier? I’ve been dying to go there!

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