The Aromatherapy Co launch new Limited Edition Vanilla Bean & Pear Therapy Range


I don’t know what I was most excited about when I received the bellow PR package from The Aromatherapy Co, the vanilla and pear scented goodies, the honeycomb chocolate or the fact that it was literally GLOWING with Christmas lights.

It’s pretty obvious that this new Limted Edition Therapy Range has come just in time for Christmas (the fairy lights were a dead giveaway).

I don’t know about you guys, but I always love this time of year. Just thinking about all the gift guides and giveaways I’ve got in the works gets me excited! Incase you hadn’t guessed it, I’m kind of a Christmas nut.


Anyyyyyyyyyway, getting back to it…

This decadent and alluring new Limited Edition Therapy Range set is an essential oil blend of Vanilla Bean (yuuuuum) with a musk middle note which is a classic, full-bodied scent. The fresh light hints of ripened pear restore balance and create a heavenly and luxurious aroma.

The PR package I was sent includes the Soy & Natural Wax Candle and Diffusion Set, along with a bonus gift set that includes a Sleep Pulse Point essential oil and Hand Cream.


If I haaaaaaaad to choose, the candle would have to be my favourite pick of the goodies that were sent (now is the time to confess that along with being a Christmas freak, I’m also obsessed with candles… especially Christmas candles).

Just look at it… it’s literally pure heaven.


The Therapy Range Vanilla Bean and Pear Natural Wax Candle sends out the most decadent and harmonising aroma of sweet, rich undertones.

I’ve always been a fan of the packaging from The Aromatherapy Co, and this crisp white jar candle with a gold rim and logo is no exception!


Next up is the Therapy Range Vanilla Bean & Pear Diffusion Set, which is currently sitting on my bathroom vanity.

It smells pretty similar to the candle, if anything it’s a tad stronger and sweeter – not too overpowering though. It’s perfect for the likes of a smaller room like a bathroom.


Gift sets are always more exciting when you get extra little treaties for FREEEEEEE, am I right?? Yeah, I know… I’m always right.

If you purchase both the Natural Wax Candle and Diffuser Set, you will also receive this gorgeous white and gold makeup bag that contains a Sleep Pulse Point essential oil, and a Hand Cream from their divine Therapy Range.


Thought I’d also mention that this Manuka Honeycomb Milk Chocolate from Donovons is literally the best. I’m not even joking. Get on that ASAP people.


Have you tried anything from The Arompatherapy Co recently? What were your thoughts? Are you also Christmas obsessed like me?