Revitalash Vs fLash: The Ultimate Eyelash Serum Review


We’ve all done the mascara, false lashes and extensions thing – but none of them are natural-looking, nor are they permanent… sigh.

So what’s the next best thing? Eyelash serums!

It’s no secret that eyelash serums have become an absolute lust-have commodity in the beauty world, but they are just so goddamn expensive.

I put two of the most popular eyelash serums, RevitaLash and fLash, to the test to determine which one (if any) came out on top when it came to growth, skin sensitivity, ingredients and price.

Interested? Read on to see my reviews and see my results.


I used both RevitaLash and fLash over a three month period (one serum for each eyelid), and I can confidently say that they both worked to help my lashes grow longer.

Though in saying that, each one has it’s own pros and cons…

Pros & Cons: RevitaLash

I’ve been using RevitaLash for about a year and a half now, and I’ve never looked back.

It was the first lash serum I’d ever used, and I never really thought twice about looking around for other options until I was sent a sample from fLash… and I thought to myself, why not do a comparison review?



I still remember my very first time using it… I woke up the next day and swear I could see new growth! My lashes continued to steadily grow over the three month period, and I got a number of compliments on them.

Skin sensitivity?

My eyes did suffer from a bit of skin sensitivity at first (which I read was normal), I experienced a bit of redness around the tip of my eyelid for the first couple of weeks, but then it stopped.

I also experienced a very slight dryness to my eyes in the mornings after I’d used it, but it didn’t really bother me and I couldn’t really tell if it was from the serum or not.


RevitaLash uses unique bio-peptin patented to Athena cosmetics, which is a combo of Biotin and panthenols along with wheat germ, saw palmetto and other vitamins, making it a top range skincare for your lashes!

Plus they also donate a percentage back to breast cancer research (see the story behind RevitaLash here, it’s so sad so be sure to have the tissues at the ready).

RevitaLash is vegan friendly contains no paraben no chemicals and is cruelty free.


The price varies, depending which outlet you go through – but from what I can see online, these serums vary from $119 – $125.

You can buy RevitaLash in NZ from The Beauty Lounge.

Pros & Cons: fLash

I first came across fLash in a review on my friend Angie’s blog Gurl Interrupted and I almost DIED after seeing the results she had with this baby.



fLash took me a little longer to see the results, I found it wasn’t as fast-working as RevitaLash (but that’s just me – I have a girlfriend who saw results within a week).

Though as you can see in my comparison photos down below (scroll down), there was basically no difference in growth after the three month period.

Skin Sensitivity:

Like RevitaLash, I experienced slight redness on my eyelids in the mornings after using it the night before. There wasn’t any irritation or puffiness.


fLash includes: water, hydroxyethylcellulose, glyc-erin, panthenol, hydrolyzed soy protein, bButylene glycol, carbomer, polysorbate20, palmitoy1, oligopeptide, tetrapeptide-­7, sodium hyaluronate, soluble collagen, iso-propanol phenylhydroxypentene dihydroxy–cyclopentylheptenate, hydrolyzed wheat protein, pg propyl silanetriol, disodium EDTA, phenoxyethanol and ethylhexylgycerin.

Like RevitaLash, flash has never been tested on animals.


At $69 this has got to be one of the most cost-effective eyelash serums on the market. I’ve yet to find one that’s cheaper than this!

You can buy fLash in NZ from The Beauty Lounge.

You can see in the images below that there isn’t really too much difference in growth between the two serums (right: RevitaLash left: fLash).


I could only really see the results after putting mascara on, as my lashes are really fine and almost blonde on the tips which makes it really difficult to see their length.


I’m wearing Benefit Cosmetic’s Roller Lash mascara in case you’re wondering – it’s legit the best mascara in the world.


The only other difference between the two, would be the brush size and amount of serum that came with each application.


As you can see in the above image, fLash has quite a large amount of serum compared to RevitaLash – I’m not sure why or if this makes a difference in any way.


It made me feel like fLash would make my eyelashes grow more because of the amount of serum I was applying, but as you’ve seen the length of my lashes were pretty much the same.


Each serum brand claims to last you about 3 months, but I found they still had a quite a bit of product left after the 3 month period, so I’d say they’d last around 4-5 months.

So which is better – RevitaLash or fLash?

Well to be honest, there wasn’t all that much difference about them besides their price, a tiny amount skin sensitivity and the amount of product that came off the brush.

The only downsides to them both would be that you need mascara to really see the results, AND also it can be a real pain to remember to put it on every night (I’m lazy and forget).

What’s your favourite eyelash serum and why? Have you tried RevitaLash or Flash before? What were your results?

Note: all ingredients listed in this review were supplied to me by the brands themselves. 


  • This is such a good comparison post!
    Have you thought about getting your eyelashes tinted now that theyre so long – maybe that’ll help with seeing them without Mascara?

    • Thanks hun! I’ve been working on it for a while :p yes that is a good idea – I might do it before I go away on holiday in June so I don’t have to bother wearing mascara xx

  • Christel Hansen

    You are so amazing and I love this post so much! I really need to stick to using my fLash. Mum bought some Revitalash and she is obsessed with it! Seriously one of the best posts I’ve seen in a long time! oxoxoxo

    • AWWW thank you Christel, you are honestly too sweet :) I’m really bad with remembering to use it every night too, but I managed to do it and it’s so worth it! xxxx

  • Fantastic review, thanks for sharing. I’ve been tossing up which to buy but because fLash is so much cheaper I wondered if it was just as good. Now I can I can make an educated choice on what to buy :-)

  • Amy Phee

    I was a personal friend of the gal that owned revitalsah. When latisse came on the scene they forced Marini and revitalsah to cut back on their active product. After that i saw a huge difference. I know they had to go back to the drawing board to figure out how to keep the results going, so for awhile the formulations were changing.. I must say that the first batches of revitalsah blew Latisse away! If it ever comes down to where the patent expires and revitalsah can bring back the old formula, then that is the gold. I have been told that soon Latisse shall no longer require a prescription, I mean anyone can walk into a physicians office and buy it. It is a joke! My friend was sadly taken from the cancer she fought and the reason the product was created in the first place. I look forward to the original revitalash formula making a comeback.. The other brands are missing that key molecule from the glaucoma drug.. I am a licensed esthetician, and I had clients with glaucoma and saw the lashes the drug created before this hit the market.. It truly is amazing! I miss it like crazy!! Allergen, either go big or go home. Bring on the stronger formulas.. I had the sting.. No big deal it went away.. I want my eyelashes back! I would get stopped in public on my lashes..

  • that is an amazing story Amy -thanks for sharing. I too, recently gave Revitalash a go, and -even though it wouldn’t have been that first batch as I only bought it recently – I have been completely amazed by the results so far. More details are on my blog (, but I would highly recommend it..

  • Nova Cutis

    I got itchy with so many products like this. I tried RUSH O LASH is very safe and in few weeks a saw results. Really good and natural product.

  • I’ve only ever tried Revitalash but after this review I’m definitely going to try fLash. I was always skeptical since it was so much cheaper buut no need now :P

    • It’s totally worth giving fLash a go, you might find hardly any difference between the two. Everyone’s different though! x

  • Gracie Stevens

    Hot tip, get your eyelashes tinted after using a lash serum, makes such a difference!!!

  • Jo-Anne Jarvis

    I am a fLash girl, I have naturally inherited long lashes lucky me, but boy fLash made an amazing diference, simply can’t live without it and my chemist usually sells it for just under $50.00. The product is fabulous, I always wear mascara if going out anywhere and now my eyes are even more dramatic and draw comments all the time, haven’t tried any of the others no need to.

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  • sherri james

    i bought the flash down at Costco in Tijuana, I am a San Diego girl and my lashes turned out so long and dramatic that I had all my friends wanting it! Even the asian lady that does my nails bought one from me. Its the best

  • Carla J. Norris

    I’m blessed with a bright green eye color that has become sort of a personal “trademark,” and I’m reluctant to use anything that might change their color.
    But, I may cave and try fLash, eventually.

  • Pelaje Bruja

    Flash now contains dehdyro lantanoprost which was tested on 6 month old rabbits here in NZ. The ingredients have changed since you did your article but its not cruelty free. Not cool to use cosmetics which has been tested on animals.